Here are three fast and easy steps to order Premium keys / Premium accounts via Amazon gift card or gift voucher:

Step 1 :  Go to Gift Cards page:

Step 2 :  Please fill correct informations in fields below:

  • Amount: Enter the amount your order
  • Delivery: Email (Fixed)
  • To: (Must Exactly)
  • From: Enter you name
  • Message: Enter your email only
  • Quantity: 1 (Fixed)
  • Delivery Date: Now (Fixed)

Step 3 :  Click the "Proceed to checkout" button to pay. You might have to login to

Premium keys / Premium accounts will be sent to your email after receiving payment. (Usually within 10 minutes, Maximum 4 hours)


Only gift codes denominated in USD will be accepted.
Do not send gift codes from or or etc.

How to buy Premium Keys / Premium Accounts via Amazon Gift Cards